Prophetic Foundation

Blenheim Assembly of God was pioneered by Pastor Herbert Terrill in 1957. Pastor Terrill was a man of strong faith and was influenced greatly by the ministry of Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth. He was a builder by trade and lived a tent making a lifestyle of building and pioneering/pastoring churches in various parts of the South Island.

Our prophetic foundation is described as

  • Faith
  • Pioneering spirit
  • Pentecostal and spirit filled
  • Prayer and evangelism
  • A call for revival in the church and nation
  • Missions – local and overseas
  • Releasing people’s gifting and potential to serve God
  • Strong loyalty to the A/G movement


Major Prophetic direction to the church
April 2011 – a church where ‘streams’ of life flow out to the community in the form of courage, confidence, strength, healing, prayer and people who bring Gods reality to our world.
The ‘streams’ it refers to are people empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s reality to our world.
February 2014 – The church is to be a ‘house’ of healing.  People will seek out the church as a place to receive healing, restoration, strength and hope!
September 2014 – ‘This church will be like the many springs in the Wairau Valley that provide sustenance and life to the farms and horticulture.
The church is a spring, an oasis in the community, bringing life to wherever it touches!