The Church I See

Vision and Strategy for Harvest Life Church   –  June 2014 to June 2016

The five purposes of the church are worship, discipleship, service/ministry, fellowship and evangelism and are all contained within ‘the church I see’.
The Core Values are the heart of our church and are all centred on the highest value of God and His word.
We carefully monitor the five purposes to ensure the church is balanced in fulfilling ‘the great commandment’, ‘the great commission’ and ‘the new commandment’ that was given by Jesus to the church.

  • To establish and maintain church culture based upon the Core Values of ‘God and His word’, ‘church community’, ‘spirit filled’, ‘outward focused’, ‘leadership and excellence’ and ‘multi-cultural’.
  • To build a community of believers who enjoy one another and do life together.
  • To see God’s favour, presence, power and authority.
  • To empower God’s people to fulfil their potential.
  • To connect with and serve our community.
  • To be a church that positively influences our city.
  • To raise up the next generation of leaders.
  • To grow in both local and overseas missions.
  • To see the church numerically increase – people born again , backsliders restored to Christ, people moving into the city, people who have dropped out of church restored .
  • To develop a discipling process for all ages at all stages.
  • To see people passionate about God, His word and the church.
  • To fulfil prophetic direction for the church.
  • To build the multi-cultured church—people of the nations worshipping God.